Uni-Coast--tyres, wheels, wiper, TPMS, valve, tyre polish foam, tyre anti-leaking foam, tyre gauge,tyre pump, filter, oil seal, battery, ,axles, brakes, landing gear, fifth wheel, king pin, stack adjuster, separator, shock absorber, ignition line, spark plug, repair tools for the vehicle.


l          Cools 15”«25”ę below ambient temperature.
l          Warms to 65”ꔥ10”ę by set point thermostat.
l          Hot/Cold,On/Off switch.
l          Optional use for AC or DC 12V power supply.
l          Power consumption 36”«68W.
l          Without any compressor, CFC free and HFC-free, low noise and no pollution.
l          keep constant temperature for almost 4 hours when switch off.