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AUTO ELECTRONICS£­> Car air purifier


Operation principle of Ocean Air Purifier: absorbing the scientific and technological essence of three purifying elements, highlighting the super powerful purifying function
1.    Photo-catalyst and cool-catalyst filter net: leading technology of the world, with no color and odor, highly effective, comprehensively resolving the harmful substances and odors inside the vehicle, powerfully sterilizing up to over 90%, and firmly eliminating secondary pollution.
2.    The odor-adsorbing and odor-removing function of activated carbon: the reticulated sponge of activated carbon can powerfully remove the peculiar smells such as odor of cigarette, formaldehyde and carbon dioxide, etc, inside the vehicle, and at the same time absorb the powder and dust grains, reaching the effect of removing peculiar smells.
3.    Anion function: Anion is called as the ¡°air vitamin¡±. OCEAN solar-energy air purifier can make the density of anion reach as high as 1.2*106 ions/cm3, which can quickly neutralize the suspending grain in the air, effectively remove various dirt, bacterium, scurf and acarid in the air, and activate the oxygen molecules in the air, making you completely relaxed and happy!
4.    The powerful sterilizing, disinfecting and mildew-removing functions of ozone: Ozone can oxidate and denature the proteins of bacterium, such as germs, fungi and mildew, etc, thus effectively killing the propagule of bacterium. Sterilizing utilizing the powerful oxidating quality, ozone does not bring about harmful products. The remaining ozone will be resolved into oxygen automatically. Therefore no remaining pollution is generated.
Characteristics of Ocean Air Purifier: no stopping for air purification
Polycrystalline silicon solar energy illuminant power system: In the condition that sunshine is sufficient, the solar energy illuminant power system can sensitively seize and store solar energy, and directly start the work of the purifier; at the same time, it can automatically charge the lithium battery, guaranteeing that the purifier can work normally under the condition of being non-started.
850ma.h lithium battery energy power system: When the motor is in non-start status, the lithium battery can directly supply power to start up the purifier. The purifier can purify the motor for 5 hours continuously utilizing the lithium battery. When the motor owner enters into the vehicle again, he can feel that the air quality has been obviously improved.
220V household adaptor: Can be used directly in the offices and rooms below 20m2. Before using the purifier, please fully charge it using the household adaptor, which can make the battery reach best use status.
12V connection line for use in vehicles: 12V plug is deployed with the purifier together, which can start the purifier directly through the power of built-in cigarette lighter of the vehicle, and store power in the lithium battery inside the purifier at the same time. The purifier can still work normally after the motor is stopped.
Basic parameter 
weight: 1.75 g
outward appearance size: 175*100*45 mm
color: black
technical parameter
Rated voltage: 12 V
power: 5 W
active oxygen quantity: 10000000
anoin quantity: 13000000